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Wildlife-for-all is dedicated to providing facilities to make wildlife viewing an experience to remember. The use of modern technology and high quality components guarantee system reliability. Many years of designing, planning and installing a wide range of products have provided a valuable and versatile knowledge base. Where possible renewable energy sources have been utilised to power the equipment in remote areas.

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These are just a few images taken from “live” video pictures achieved with cameras placed in, near or close to the nest site or play area. Some were shown “live” in a nearby viewing centre, whilst others were recorded at the site and shown later at a viewing centre. The simplest systems consist of a camera, some cable, a monitor or recording device and a source of power. More complex systems can include radio links of several miles to transfer live video, sound and control signals for moving the camera. Nesting box and bird feeder cameras are very popular, providing lots of activity when other more high profile cameras have little or no action. High Definition camera systems are now very popular.

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