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Video Gallery 2

A rare glimpse of a Goshawk. This project made possible by the efforts of Garry and Michael Marchant with funding from North York Moors National Park and Forestry Commission England. The footage is for research purposes and will also be shown in the visitor centre at Sutton Bank.

Barn Owl footage from an external view camera. There is also an internal camera with infra red lighting. Both images are combined in a picture in picture unit which can select the one to record to DVD. The picture is then radio linked to a location from where it can be streamed live for public viewing. Images are copyright and courtesy of North York Moors National Park.

Tender moment as a Red Kite feeds one of her two chicks. Project  to study these magnificant birds during breeding at a site near Inverness. footage is copyright and courtesy of RSPB Scotland.

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